Pressmac was founded in November 1993.

Since 1 January 2000, Pressmac has had its own premises in the Street La Fayette, Besançon, where it currently has 600 m² of office space and 1700 m² of workshop area dedicated to the assembly and development of machines.

The company’s activities focus on the design, production and development of machines in the field of stamping, bending, welding and assembly machine.

The company’s key products and know-how:

  • Machines with NC multi-slides
  • Welding technologies
  • Feeders
  • Presses
  • Process lines

Description of the company’s markets:

Over the course of the years, Pressmac’s activities have become more and more international.
Since 2008, the export share of the company’s revenue has risen steadily and exceeded 50% for the first time in 2013.
Our sales are focussed predominantly on Europe, and more particularly on neighbouring countries such as Germany.
In recent years, however, the international market has extended beyond Europe and we now work with countries such as China or Brazil.

Sectors of activity concerned:

  • 50% in the field of electrical engineering
  • 30% in the field of automotive
  • 10% in the field of stamping
  • 10% in various other fields: construction, gas exploration, etc.