1993: Founding of the company. Activity based on the design and production of feeder and stamping presses.

1998: Start of the design of a machine with NC multi-slides programmable.

2000: Construction of a 1000 m² production facility in the Street Lafayette in Besançon. Presentation of the first machine with NC multi-slides programmable commended with the Golden Micron at the Micronora Trade Fair.

2001: Project planning and production of a resistance welding head for wire rod and profiles.

2002: Project planning and production of a new range of presses with cast frame.

2004: Construction of a second assembly shop for assembly and commissioning of process lines.

2008: Project planning and production of the new generation of process lines with full numerical control.

2011: Expansion of the mechanical and automation engineering offices.

2013: Construction of a third assembly shop to house longer process lines and to improve reliability with a running-in period for the machines over several weeks.

2014: Design and production of a new version of more compact multiple guides, the CMP 250, with the development of an Optimization Cam Program (OCP).